About us

Fortis Industrial Solutions is an Industrial solution company specifying in the procurement of equipment, materials, spare parts and consumables applicable in Oil & Gas, Energy, Construction, Marine, Petrochemical and Mining industries. Our company ensures groundbreaking, efficient, and deliberate solutions for the needs of our customers since 2013.
We provide equipment, material procurement, and supply services to local as well as foreign market players. In order to fulfil the demands of our clients, special commitment, technology, and experiences are highlighted in our teamwork. Our initial role is the provision of full-service procurement, consulting, operations and maintenance support to clients in the different sectors. We offer support packages to our clients with the aim of helping them maximum efficiency. Regardless of the involvement of our clients in heavy and lightweight industries, we put a value on helping them in order to source their requested products at the best prices with the shortest delivery periods. Our staff has successfully taken part in allocating products in various industries.

Mission & Vision

Our mission is to outperform the quality and credibility of our products and maintain customer satisfaction. We value the welfare of our community and market through the provision of the best quality products. We are keen on making the best version of our business. We put a major emphasis on honesty, integrity, and liability in our business. Our initial centre of attention is always employees, customers, and suppliers. Our comprehensive range of services provides innovative, effective, strategic and cost-efficient solutions to the technical and management needs of our clients. We have immense experience in procurement, planning, scheduling, cost control, quality assurance, field inspections and expediting services. We combine technology, experience, and an abiding commitment to teamwork to meet the needs of clients. We provide full-service engineering, construction, operations and maintenance support to clients in the Oil and Gas, Energy, Marine, Construction, Petrochemical and Mining sectors. The support package we offer allows our customers to focus on their core competencies, enabling them to maximize their efficiency. Whether our clients are involved in Oil Production, Drilling, Petrochemical processing or Gas treatment, we can help them to source their requested items at the best prices and with the shortest delivery times. We have a number of strong associations and representation agreements, with many leading manufacturers and distributors around the globe on a different continent. A number of our staff have been involved and have an extensive background in dealing with the vast range of items used in different industries.